Terms and Conditions

(For Insurance - see item 5 and 6)

Article 1

SARL Chromos-Home and Lac et Montagne Sports rent the equipment as described on the website www.happyhoursbar.fr for an agreed period until fully returned by the person designated by the term the "Client" who has made the booking and checked the Terms and Conditions box.

The equipment is rented under the full responsibility of the Client and cannot be exchanged, loaned or sublet.

The rental period will expire at the latest at the end of this winter season.

We have the right to pursue legal action for theft and any associated costs if any equipment is not returned to us by the end of the winter season at the latest.

Credit card details are required to be be provided by the Client as a security in case of damage, loss or theft of the rented equipment. If applicable, the Client hereby agrees that we will recover the costs of, together with any associated costs, of any unreturned equipment.

Article 2

Unless otherwises stated, the rental rate is as shown on the SKI RENTAL RATE of for the current winter season.

The rental day begins at 8:00am and ends at 6:00pm

The half-day morning is from 8:00am to 1:00pm

Half-day afternoon is from 11:30am to 5:00pm

The hourly rental rate, if applicable for some products, can only be for a full hour minimum, and is non-divisible.

Article 3

The rented equipment includes numbers and / or trademarks of our shop and must be returned with the same identification.

Rental equipment is recognised to be in good condition and must be returned as such.

Unless you have paid for and accepted the conditions of our insurance, you may be obliged to pay for the cost of any repairs.

Article 4

SARL Chromos Home and Lac et Montagne Sports disclaims responsibility for any accidents that may occur due to the use of the rental equipment.

Rental equipment must only be used on the snow covered piste and marked ski area, in compliance with the rules in this area, and only during working hours of the resorts.

Article 5

The risk of theft, loss or breakage are not covered unless the circumstances fall under the insurance purchased online on www.lacetmontagnesports.com by the Client, and has been paid fully in advance.

In the event that the Client has no insurance, where the rental equipment is not returned or is damaged, the Client will be charged the new in-store selling price.

In this case, a certified copy of the declaration of theft or loss from the Gendarmerie Nationale will be required.

Article 6

The insurance covers the risk of theft, loss or breakages during the rental period. It will take effect after a declaration of theft or loss by the Client to the National Gendarmerie, after which certified copies shall be provided to the Client .

The insurance does not cover the cost of equipment rental.

If you have purchased the insurance, you are covered for the cost of equipment, after the following excesses, as detailed below:

Ski equipment: Ranges Premium or Precision: € 350.00. Other ranges: € 250.00

Shoes and boots: Ranges Premium or Precision: € 150.00. Other ranges: € 100.00

Article 7

Every part of these Terms and Conditions are in force. Unless otherwise specified, all articles must be adhered to.

Any disputes must be dealt with by SARL Chromos Home and the courts of Haute Savoie ( FRANCE ).

Cost of insurance = 2,00 € per item of rented equipment, per non-divisible day